20 Januari 2020

The God of Bits and Bytes?

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oensdag 22 januari is Michael-Dominique Magielse o.p. te gast in de Eendrachtskapel Rotterdam voor een Engelstalige avond over gebed, liturgie en digitalisering.

Join us this Wednesday-evening for a conversation with brother Michael-Dominique Magielse OP on the influence of digitalization on our thinking and experience of God, prayer, and liturgy.

Being a former journalist, Br. Michael-Dominique brings a unique insight into the workings of news and social media, which he then relates to his theological investigations at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.

The evening starts at 20:00.
Free Admission.
Entry via the side-entrance of the Eendrachtskapel. Eendrachtsweg 46, Rotterdam